Our Space Mining Development Programme

Solar System Mining Industries is concentrating on 3 core services to accelerate the establishment of mining in space and the 24 x 7 reliable service demanded to deliver a commercial and profitable business model.

Solar System Mining Industries is obsessed with the use of small, medium and especially large vehicles operating in an autonomous mode for the pursuit of efficient and profitable mining in space. In sharp contrast to mining on earth, we will be operating in an environment that does not afford second chances. Whether landing on foreign objects, or grabbing hold of objects as they float through space or the even more complex operation of building and then operating large machinery to bore and collect valuable elements and ore – we will need to get things right, the first time every time. Space does not suffer fools and mistakes, even simple ones, will affect the commercial viability of mining missions in space. This will require mature and sophisticated intelligence at the edge driven by Artificial Intelligence.

Our expertise in the application of machine and deep learning coupled with our real-world use of computer vision will be invaluable as we begin to explore the once unimaginable activities such as mining in space. We are experimenting with the latest advances in mechanical engineering integrated with the fast paced and evolving AI techniques that seek to create robust and reliable space operations in a controlled, risk-managed environment which will be able to delivery commercially viable solutions.

This is no longer the purview of science fiction but science-fact for those at SolarSMI and others.

The offshoots of our work will also have direct applicability for more modest mining initiatives that seek to create an autonomous landscape populated with all sorts of autonomous vehicles and operating machines to make a dangerous and arduous working environment more reliable and error-free.

Our work has need for ensuring that all components and code have integrated self-learning, self-healing, self-repairing and self-replicating to accommodate the plethora of environmental conditions and factors that make it impossible to have a predefined list of situations that may be addressed. There will not be a list of ‘if else’ code statements where the mechanical machines will overcome the obstacles as they arise.

Earth-bound vehicles as reliable as they are, present space mining commercial companies with a formidable problem – how to undertake software and/or mechanical interventions when direct contact or remote login is not possible or situations have arisen that make it no longer possible.

SolarSMI, will continue its efforts to develop the advanced integration of AI and machines that address the need for mining machines to be able to operate even as parts or software ceases to work. The ideal that we are working towards is the ‘biological’ renewal processes akin to the regrowth or renewal of skin as an ‘automatic’ and natural response.

Successful commercial operations will be dependent on all operating equipment and the underpinning systems being wholly independent. This being our intent – we are also exploring maintenance-bots that could assist equipment that are operating in a ‘self-healing’ or ‘self-maintenance’ mode. This work will seek to explore the thought processes undertaken by human as they try to resolve situational problems.

This will require the very best application of AI, as we seek to mimic human behaviour and thought processes and the use of reinforcement learning.

Our team is currently exploring the use of Artificial Intelligence to create the next generation navigation systems able to self-navigate point to point space travel.  Our core values that include the need for all of our services to be self-correcting and self-healing are ideally positioned to overcome the obstacles that Mining will face in inhospitable environments.  Of particular interest to our applied research and development personnel is the use of re-inforcement learning, computer vision, and classification techniques.


Space-Based Services

A new age in Space Exploration and utilisation requires new technologically advanced services.
Working with our partners - we are exploring the optimum $ to lbs lift ratio. Safety, Reliability and Cost are our key space sustainability metrics that drive our business model.
Solar System Mining Industries is currently establishing the modular key components for achieving a sustainable mining operation in Space. Fundamental to our operations is the autonomous features that each component will we managed by. Whilst some operations will become more complex other procedures will undergo a more simplistic and even advantageous conditions. We are currently engaged in leading edge data engineering and artificial intelligence that represents the very best research and development in space exploration and exploitation.
Space Ore provides two important markets for our company. It will deliver the materials that will underpin the exponential growth in space exploration and also the continued need for essential industrial materials for a growing earth population. We are excited to be a the forefront of the evolution of human expansion as well as to be at the cutting-edge of how technology and ingenuity will resolve the extremes of global warming that poses significant risk for the human race.
It is Companies like SSMI that are solving the intractable problems of the 21st century - the ability to operate in space. What has been the subject of science fiction, is now being lived out day after day as we make bolder and more concerted movements into real and sustainable construction in space. Our teams are resolute in providing the systems and equipment, modular in nature, that will perpetuate the expanding space exploration and space exploitation business.
As we continue to break new ground in autonomous mining operations in space, the need to be able to sustain human life in new and seemingly severe conditions will need to also be resolved. We are working with leading academic institutions to understand how the earth bound processes for food production may be replicated in the space. Not only will this provide the essential food and liquid needs but will also act as a potential fail safe food production system for the earth's population.
We envisage a space that is literally teeming with life and activity. Our partners and ourselves are working diligently to make the boldest ideas come to fruition. We are interested not only in the first operational models but the mechanisms and system that will provide the ongoing and upgrading mechanism. Sustainability is one of our core principles. Therefore, we are engaged in the creation of autonomous bots that are able to interact with all the systems we build to help in creating the interactions and interfaces that will allow swarms of bots to maintain a diverse and disperse sets of machinery.

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